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21 Jan 2018

Charisma “Charisma” 1969 US Psych Pop Rock

Charisma “Charisma” 1969 US Psych Pop Rock
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What it was? Probably the fact that the Charisma music is a straightforward sixty-four mainstream pop, but somewhere in the background, when listening a little more carefully, the music is hidden, scattered to the last detail that includes influences from different genres. 
And it has its explanation. The core of the band - drummer Rich Tortorigi and bassist George Tyrell - originally starred in the band The Mantiques. Later, they picked up guitarist Tom Majesky and guitarist / keyboardist Bernie Kornowicz, who came out of the rock'n'roll environment and eventually joined by the folk singer and songwriter Mike DeLisa. 
The mixture of rock'n'roll, soul and folk, in which the elements of pop and the growing progrock were reflected, created … Charisma. It should be noted, however, that the stupid name was not the choice of the band, but the condition of the label Roulette Records, who forced the name change as a condition for the rotation and release of the album. Band members hated that name. 
As I mentioned at the beginning, the recording is quite unique, although it basically does not offer anything revolutionary. At first listening, it seems to be a slightly more lovable mid-stream psychopo, as any other band played about that time. 

Just take a moment to listen and things start to happen. The overall sound sounds consistently, robustly, but not monotonous, and we always hear exactly the instrument to be heard. Shaped arrangements add a great singing, unobtrusive, but unmistakably engaging. One song plays more of a pop note, another one is closer to folk, and another is pulsing with a soulmate. And Bang Bang’s minute piano taste was still in it . 

In addition to the band, people in New York’s Incredible Sound also deserve great appreciation. The name actually speaks for everything. It’s hard to believe it’s not a remastered version. Everything is beautifully balanced, the volume does not fluctuate, it will never happen that the rich instrumental casting merges into a tumultuous mess.After the release, no miracle has taken place - and it is quite understandable. On the other hand, the album did well enough to give the band another chance. And so the second Beasts and Fiends was released, one year later. 
The recording is good again, but for some reason it no longer has a similar charm to its debut. Perhaps due to a smaller mix of genres, perhaps due to lack of invention - hard to say. As in the case of the eponymous record, the second performance was better in Europe than in America. And again he did not do so badly, so Charisma got the offer on the third record - which they did not use. 
Probably because all the proceeds from the sales of the previous two ended up in the pockets of people in the publishing house. What happened then is not well known. The only other information I’ve come up with is that the band broke up in 1976….~

Charisma was an American progressive rock group from the late 60s, they came about from diverging roots emanating from 3 directions. The core of Charisma was Rich Tortorigi (drummer) and George Tyrell (bass player). Both were members of a New Britain, Connecticut soul band called The Mantiques. The Mantiques had been one of the three main horn-based bands in New Britain in the mid to late 60’s, along with Detroit Soul and The Paramounts. Paramounts drummer, Tyrone Lampkin went on to play with Gutbucket and the Parliament Funkadelics. In 1968, Rich Tortorigi recruited Tom Majesky to play guitar with The Mantiques, following their breakup. Tom enlisted Bernie Kornowicz, former bassist of The Last Five, to share guitar and organ duties. The final addition to the group was folk singer Mike DeLisa to sing lead. Tom and Bernie brought the rock and roll element to the Mantiques and Mike brought the band an element of folkiness. 

It was in 1969 that The Mantiques signed with Roulette Records as a convenient tax write off to record an album. The album was produced by Ed Vallone and most of the songs were penned by Bruce McGaw. 

Following the recording of What’s It Like, the very first song on the album, (which, was in fact recorded at Vanguard Studios), there was a shakeup. George Tyrell quit the band, Bernie Kornowicz became the bass guitarist, Tom Majesky became the lead guitarist, and a new organist was recruited: Bob Mocarsky. The album was eventually completed. In the meantime, Tom, Bob and lyricist/art director Suzi Langlois began writing songs for a second album. 

Before the recording of the second album, Mike DeLisa decided to go his own way, leaving the job of lead vocalist to guitarist Tom. Beasts and Fiends was recorded at the Record Plant in NYC during the summer of 1970. The lead engineer was the top engineer in the business: Jack Hunt (the Woodstock album, Electric Ladyland), assisted by Dave Ragno (the Woodstock album), and Tom Fly (the Woodstock album, former drummer of Lother and the Hand People). While credit was given to Bruce McGaw and Ed Vallone for production, fact is the album was produced by Charisma with interference run by Jack Hunt. Both albums sold better in Europe than they did in the USA. In 1976, Charisma disbanded, leaving one incomplete recording…..~

*Mike DeLisa - Vocals, Percussion 
*Bernie Kornowicz - Bass, Guitar 
*Tom Majesky - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards 
*Bob Mogarsky - Keyboards 
*Rich Tortorige - Drums, Backing Vocals

1. What’s It Like? (Bruce McGaw) - 3:10 
2. Truth Emerged (Suzi Langlois, Bob Mocarsky) - 2:36 
3. Happy Song (Bruce McGaw) - 2:30 
4. Where Do We Go From Here? (Bruce McGaw) - 4:17 
5. Yesterday’s Folks (B. Durso) - 4:17 
6. Marianne (Bruce McGaw) - 4:48 
7. Miss Willoughby (Bruce McGaw) - 4:13 
8. Death of Me (Bruce McGaw) - 4:14 
9. Bang Bang (Sonny Bono) - 1:02 
10.If You’re Waiting for a Miracle (A. Wayne, D. Marchand) - 2:57 
11.Suzanne Gives (Bruce McGaw) - 2:37 
12.Take Me Away (Bruce McGaw) - 4:22 

Trampas “Scarce & Rare Venezuela Rock” 1975 Venezuela Psych Rock

Trampas “Scarce & Rare Venezuela Rock”  1975 Venezuela Psych Rock
coming soon..

Group formed in San Mateo (Aragua State), in the first half of the seventies by Rafael Aguilar (lead guitar), Omar Plascencia (guitar), Carlos Arrivillaga (bass), Roberto Monasteries (congas), Hermes Ugueto (lead vocals), Jose Geronimo (flute, vocals), Pastor Rodriguez (trumpet) and Gilbert Riera (trumpet). The sound of the band was a merger which included elements of rock with Latin rhythms. With the support of Samuel Hidalgo and Ibarz Breidis Velvet able to sign for the label and recorded the single Rainbow / Start (1974), which follows the album Trampas (1975).

Rafael Aguilar
Omar Plascencia
Carlos Arrivillaga
Roberto Monasterios
Hermes Ugueto
José Gerónimo
Pastor Rodríguez
Gilbert Riera

A la tierra
Arco iris
El tiempo pasa 

Harry Mwale Experience with Greg Miyanda “Harry Mwale Experience with Greg Miyanda"1978 Zambia Afro Psych Afro Funk Afro Beat

Harry Mwale Experience with Greg Miyanda “Harry Mwale Experience with Greg Miyanda"1978 ultra rare Zambia Afro Psych Afro Funk Afro Beat

The afro-haired Harry Mwale and his band Osaye moved away from the Zamrock tradition and brought out a disco single “Disco King” which was flipped by “Osaye Party.” The sound was characterised by a heavy bass line and fuzzy synthesised vocals. The lyrics were repetitive and befitting dance music…~

Another rare Zamrock album comes to light with the Harry Mwale Experience. The sole and lone album from the legendary figure is fully licensed, and is a blend of psychedelic rock, ethnic psychedelic (with fuzz guitar) and even some soul. Overall a very robust and strong effort with above average fidelity as compared to most Zamrock releases, and one of the more obscure and harder to find records from Zambia, as well as one of the more unique. Limited to 500 copies on LP, one time limited edition pressing. For fans of BLO, WITCH, Salty Dog, Amanaz, The Peace, Survival and other afro rock albums. Look out for our upcoming Zamrock selections as we have a lot to roll out, including some from the original master tapes!..~

A gorgeous reissue on vinyl of a rare but awesome Zamrock gem from the ‘70s. Expect psychedelic atmospheres with plenty of fuzz-guitars, ethnic influences and even bits of soul. An essential title for fans of Witch, The Peace, Salty Dog, Amanaz, Ngozi Family, Musi-O-Tunya and all those other heroes of Zambia’s '70s underground rock scene. This s/t effort was the band’s only release. …~

A1. Doing Up (Mwale) 
A2. Don’t Feel Shy (Mwale) 
A3. In The Midair (Mwale) 
A4. Mkango (Mwale/Miyanda) 

B1. Osaye Party (Miyanda) 
B2. Forgotten Islands (Mwale/Miyanda) 
B3. Njanji (Mwale/Miyanda) 
B4. Osaye (Mwale) 

Funny Company (ファニー・カンパニー) “Funny Company” 1972 + “Funny Farm” 1973 + “Funny Company Again” 1977 third album Japan Psych Rock

Funny Company (ファニー・カンパニー) “Funny Company” 1972 + “Funny Farm” 1973 + “Funny Company Again” 1977 third album Japan  Psych  Rock 

Funny Company  1972
Mahó No Kitai 1:41 
Taikutsuwa Abukuni Natte 3:20 
Bokumo Sonouchi 4:53 
Ima Kokoni Bokuwa Iru 4:00 
Sweet Home Osaka 3:26 
Muimina Sekai 4:12 
Gogo Ichiji Chotto Sugi 5:35 
Tsumetai Hitoni Sasageru 4:50 
Kanojowa Matteiru 3:49 
Aru Onna 2:27

Funny Farm 1973



Funny Company Again 1977

A1 魔法の気体
A2 退屈はあぶくになって…
A3 僕もそのうち
A4 暗闇
A5 スウィート ホーム大阪
A6 トリップ仲間
B1 ハイウェイ ドライブ
B2 真夜中列車第2便
B3 大都会
B4 彼女は待っている
B5 廃墟 

Llavayeee "ZZ" 2018 single Russia Psych Hard Rock

Fumanzoku “Fumanzoku” 1974 Japan Private Psych Folk Rock

Fumanzoku “Fumanzoku” 1974 Japan ultra rare Private Psych Folk  Rock
大前幸夫 Yukio Ohmae eb,vo 
新田弘三 Kohzoh Nitta eg 
丸山ルミ Rumi Maruyama (female) ep 
内海謙次 Kenji Utsumi fg,eg,chorus 
新谷弘充 hiromitsu Shintani ds 
沼津宏哉 Hiroya Numazu eg, 

01. Tori no (04:03) 
02. Yo ga akeru (04:07) 
03. Kaze ni furuete (03:45) 
04. Doko mademo, doko mademo (02:54) 
05. Kanasimi no hate ni (07:41) 
06. Shiseiji rock (03:45) 
07. Fuuka ichizoku (04:22) 
08. Rokugatu no Utopia (06:04) 
09. Kieyuku mamam ni nagaruru mama ni (08:42) 
10. Ore no namida ha (01:41)


Side Folk 
何処までも 何処までも 

Side Rock 
私生児 Rock 
消えゆくままに 流るるままに 


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