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17 May 2017

Amory Kane "Memories of Time Unwound"1968 UK US Psych Folk Rock, Acid Folk

Amory Kane  "Memories of Time Unwound"1968 UK US  Psych Folk Rock, Acid Folk
Formed in England in 1967 to showcase the talents of aspiring singer-songwriter Amory Kane (b. 1947, San Francisco, California, USA). Singer-songwriter Kane moved to England in 1967, having previously toured Europe. He had failed an audition with Family Dogg, not through lack of ability, but because producer Steve Rowland felt he should carve a solo career. Unfortunately, this course never reached the heights his introspective, yet lyrically strong, material deserved. His MCA debut Memories Of Time Unwound (1968) and the CBS Records follow-up Just To Be There (1970) found few takers other than interested critics. Tim Hollier (guitar), Rick Cuff (guitar), Dave Pegg (bass) and Ned Balen (drums) were some of the musicians who played with Amory Kane in the studio and in concert. ……………

Californian, Amory Kane (vcals,guitar) moves to England at the end of the ’ 67 and begins to attend clubs/coffee houses as the Bunjies finche’ in July ‘68 obtains a contract very 5 years with the MCA and, with the production of expert Steve Rowland (Family Dogg), records his first LP that alternate convincing brani like “Birds of weighted down Britain” to others a lot from the agreements, are made however to signal traditional “the You to were On My Mind” (arranged from John Paul Jones), “New Light” ( which text will be brought back also on the cover of according to album) and the conclusive “Perfumed Hand Of Fairies”.The job comes well however received from the critic a lot that Melody Maker the Lp nomination of the month. In November '68 Amory records for Night Ride, playing the intense “Four Ravens” (from little published on 45 turns and unfortunately not present in the album), “Reflections”, “Physically Disqualified Blues”, “Night” and the new “Evolution”. Later on it begins to collaborate actively with English cantautore Tim Hollier and the interesting it yields of this job can be listened to in “Tim Hollier” and “Sky Sail” of Hollier and in “Just To Be There” of Amory Kane, decidedly successful the second Lp, published in '70 in general indifference.To the album, produced from Tony Cox, Ron Geesin, Ned Balen of Shakey Vick, Dave Pegg and Jonathon Coudrille participate actively. The better things are all the first facade, in which Kane it introduces its version of “Llanstephan Hill”, written together to Hollier and Rick Cuff, while according to side it is opened from beautiful cover of “Get Together” of Dino Being Worth and closed from the cake “Tenderly Stooping Low” of Cuff (than Co-company also it begins it them “Evolution” and “Golden Laces”.With the CBS Amory it records also last 45 turns, for the truth not much successful and then of he forgiveness the traces, probably re-entered in the USA. 
~ by Lizardson. …………..

Amory Kane — guitar, vocals 
Dave Pegg — bass 
Ned Balen — drums

A1 Mama Mama
A2 Reflections Of Your Face
A3 All The Best Songs & Marches
A4 You Were On My Mind
A5 Physically Disqualified Blues
A6 New Light
B1 Night
B2 Maybe You’ll Stay
B3 Candy Queen
B4 Birds Of Britain
B5 Perfumed Hand Of Fate 

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