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12 Aug 2017

Zé Rodrix E A Agência De Mágicos ‎ “Quem Sabe Sabe Quem Não Sabe Não Precisa Saber” 1974 Brazil

Zé Rodrix E A Agência De Mágicos ‎ “Quem Sabe Sabe Quem Não Sabe Não Precisa Saber” 1974 Brazil

In 1974, Zé Rodrix conceived one of the best albums of that year and his career: accompanied by the band called "Agência De Mágicos", formed just for this recording, it reached the public "head" with a handful of exciting songs, arrangements Powerful, irresistible rock, to dance and think. "WHO KNOWS KNOWS WHO DO NOT KNOW NEEDS TO KNOW", an almost psychedelic album, whose title track, a rough diamond, had a vigorous rock at its base with blowing instruments and dry drums, interspersed with beautiful solos of Guitar, his acidity was surfacing. The sound of the album flows loose in the rest of the songs, in a well balanced repertoire, that goes from the most modern rock to the most nostalgic, passing through beautiful ballads to the piano. An undeniable masterpiece. "It was my dream to make a record like this." Months later, Tim Maia set up the band Vitória Régia and started doing the same thing, "recalled Ze Rodrix well recently..

What to expect from the late Zé Rodrix, if not a true musical miscellany, many pianos, keyboards and his unmistakable voice?
This album is a great proof of this, where with a band calling itself "The Agency of Magicians", Zé Rodrix shows much of his versatility in experimental sonorities, ranging from pulsating moments and pure Rock and Roll, through vocal experiments and serene harmonies.
In addition to all the soundtrack and its psychedelic trips, it is worth paying attention to the content of the lyrics. Behavioral critiques, reflections on the way one looks at life, relationships, censorship; In addition to several other themes, from the simplest to the most complex.
Joe Rodrix was great. He was part of the vocal group "Momentoquatro", that together with the "New Quartet"; Accompanied Edu Lobo and Marília Medalia, in the "Record Festival of the Year of 1967", defending the song "Ponteio", which ended up being the great winner. He was part of the acclaimed "Som Imaginário", which was initially created to accompany the singer Milton Nascimento, and later had a successful career (the biggest classic of the group, "Kill the Pig" was already published in this site) formed the trio of Success that counted on Sá and Guarabira; And in his solo career gifted us with intriguing works like this album, which was the second of this phase.
The artist died on the 22nd of the year of 2009, after feeling bad in his house and being taken to a hospital in the state capital.
A great legacy has long been heard over this great name of our music and its wonderful musical daydreams, all its energy and peculiar way of composing, perhaps by seeing life differently from most people.
Who knows, who does not know needs to know and Zé undoubtedly got out of many things ..........

In August, just in the second month of the 'resurrection', I had posted the first Zé Rodrix solo album here. A great musical touch. Now I bring the second that is as good as the first. A continuation of previous work on 12 keen tracks. Accompanied by the band Agencia de Mágicos, Zé hit in full on the sound that the album carried. I'm not critical and I do not want to be blooming mut in this post. Anyone who knows Zé Rodrix knows he will always find good things. His career-long experience with groups as diverse as Momento Quatro, Som Imaginário and the famous trio Sá Rodrix & Guarabyra, give him a unique versatility. I still have not heard a record from the guy that I could call bad. His compositions have their own brilliance. This is one more touch for there musical, goes deep ..................

Arranjos: Zé Rodrix
Waldyr Arouca de Barros: (Arranjo de sopros em "Não Perca o Final")
Backing Vocals: Francinette, Lizzie Bravo, Malu Balona, Márcio Lott, Roberto Corrêa & Ronaldo Corrêa
Baixo: José Rosallis
Regência: Waldyr Arouca de Barros
Direção: Milton Miranda
Direção musical: Maestro Gaya
Bateria: Gustavo Schroeter
Flauta & Sax Tenor: Aurélio Marcos
Guitarra: Paulinho de Castro
Órgão & Bandolim: Elias Mizrahi
Remix: Nivaldo Duarte
Sax Tenor & Barítono: José Albino Pestana
Sax Tenor & Flautas: Nivaldo Ornellas & Uratha
Trompete: Nilton R. da Silva &Waldyr Arouca de Barros

A1 Quem Sabe Sabe Quem Não Sabe Não Precisa Saber 2:43
A2 Muito Triste 3:44
A3 Compota De Cereja 1:55
A4 Roupa Prateada 3:24
A5 A Volta Do Filho Pródigo 3:07
A6 Muro Da Vergonha 3:10
B1 Circuito Universitário 3:59
B2 Noite De Sábado 3:07
B3 Um Rock P'ras Futuras Gerações 2:12
B4 Cadeira Vazia Nº2 3:21
B5 Os Bons Velhos Tempos (Estão De Volta Outra Vez) 3:33
B6a Não Perca O Final 2:45
B6b A Roupa Nova Do Rei 0:48


1968 Momento 4uatro

1970 Compacto – Com Som Imaginário & Taiguara

1970 Som Imaginário

1972 Compacto – Com Sá, Rodrix & Guarabyra

1972 Passado Presente Futuro – Com Sá, Rodrix & Guarabyra

1973 1º Acto

1973 Joy e Numa Boa – Com Sá, Rodrix & Guarabyra

1973 Terra – Com Sá, Rodrix e Guarabyra

1974 Quem Sabe Sabe Quem Não Sabe Não Precisa Saber (& A Agência de Mágicos)

1975 Motel (Trilha Sonora)

1975 Rock Horror Show (Trilha Sonora)

1976 O Esquadrão da Morte (Trilha Sonora)

1976 Soy Latino Americano

1977 Quando Será?

1979 Compacto - Faça de Mim um Objeto

1979 Hora Extra

1979 Sempre Livre

1981 Compacto - Seu Abelardo

1983 Band-Age (& Miguel Paiva)

1983 Saqueando a Cidade – Com Joelho de Porco

1988 18 Anos sem Sucesso – Com Joelho de Porco

2002 Outra Vez na Estrada – Com Sá, Rodrix & Guarabyra

2010 Amanhã - Com Sá, Rodrix & Guarabyra (Póstumo)

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